Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Going Vegan @ Sushi Kitchen

Japanese food is not unusual to most of us as it is recognized as an international cuisine. There are variety of Japanese food such as rice based dishes (sushi, domburi, onigiri, kareraisu, chahan, chazuke&kayu), seafood dishes (sashimi, yakizakana), noodle dishes (soba, udon, ramen, somen, yakisoba), nabe dishes (oden, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, chankonabe), meat dishes (yakitori, tonkatsu, nikujaga), soya bean dishes (yudofu, agedashi tofu, miso soup), yoshoku dishes (korokke, omuraisu, hayashiraisu, hamubagu) and other dishes (tempura, okonomiyaki, monjayaki, gyoza, chawanmushi, tsukemono). Mentioning the long list of Japanese dishes make my mouth watering and my tummy growling while writing this article... 

Front View - 1st fl

High quality claypot for cooking (I think this pot is from Taiwan)

Most of the local Japanese restaurants that I know in my living area are non-vegetarian but there is one particular Japanese restaurant, Sushi Kitchen - located in Sungai Ara, Penang, serves Japanese fusion organic vegetarian dishes in a unique ambiance. This unique restaurant was introduced to me by a good friend who loves Japanese food and a vegan as well. 
After discovering this restaurant, I bought my family there.  On one of the weekend in May, my whole family together with my sister head for the restaurant and we soon found the place and there were ample parking space in front of the restaurant.  I contacted the restaurant to make prior reservation...  Yes, it was packed.

If you’re coming from the town via the coastal highway, drive through the Bayan Lepas roundabout into JalanTun Dr Awang and head towards PISA, pass two traffic light junctions and turn right into Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim, Drive along Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim and turn right into Jalan Sungai Ara 1, after passing Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Ara, which is on your left, Sushi Kitchen is located behind a row of shoplot opposite the school.  

The proprietor is an avid cyclist who has travelled to many countries and helped to raise fund for charity. Besides that, he also advocates green living lifestyle. 

The restaurant is located on the 1st floor of a two-storey shop house. The staircase leading to the restaurant is filled with customer’s testimonials, newspaper articles, postcards and signatures of customers. 

As you reach the top, you can see various sizes of clay pots and urns which are neatly arranged close to the wall. 

Other forms of decorative items includes old refrigerators, sewing machine stand, books, manual type writer, old F&N soft drink bottles, old stereo, tiffin carrier, earthen ware, brassware and many old household items. 

Guest have option to seat on the wooden floor (an elevated wooden stage with table and cushion pad), as well as the conventional dining tables and chairs which are made of hard wood.  
We sit on the wooden floor and my two kids love it, as this way of dining is new to them. My younger daughter was so excited and she started to run and walk around creating disturbance to a young couple dining at the other corner. My husband and sister had to look after the two kids while I was busy taking photos. 
Finally, after taking some photos, we sat down to order our food.  Food we ordered includes Organic Milky Way Spaghetti, Low Beauty Roll, Happiness Family, Golden Age, Sushi Fried Rice, Radiant Light Porridge and Red Sea Udon – TOTALLY VEGETARIAN.  As for the drinks, we ordered Nutmeg juice and Japanese green tea.
My family is not totally vegetarian but it is certainly good to change our way of eating by taking vegetarian food especially Japanese organic vegetarian which is a healthy choice as well. Having taken vegetarian meals elsewhere especially in some Chinese vegetarian restaurants, I do have some concern over the fried vegetarian food which are often oily. However, to my surprise the dishes at Sushi Kitchen are less oily and tasty too. 

There other prime attraction is the price of the food, which is reasonable amidst the cozy and warm ambiance. I would like to share my personal experience savouring the Japanese organic vegetarian dishes with my family.

Organic Milky Way Spaghetti (RM 15.90)
My daughters like it!  They enjoyed the milky sauce with herbs.  The portion is huge.

Happiness Family (RM 26.80)
A good variety of sushi.  Good to have if you are in a group, to taste assorted sushi.

Golden Age (RM12.80) – 6 pcs
Everyone has a piece and we ask for more!  Very refreshing and exotic sushi, topped with ripe mango. 

Low Beauty Roll (RM 6.80)
I personally like it!  Deep-fried until golden brown.  Better to eat when is hot.

Red Sea Udon (RM 11.90)
It tastes like creamy laksa.  Must try!  Again, another huge portion.

Sushi Kitchen Fried Rice (RM 6.80)
A simple Japanese fried rice, fried until fragranced but not oily.  Again, huge portion!

Radiant Light Porridge  (RM7.80)
It kept my younger daughter sit down quietly (for a while), at least gave us some peaceful  time to dine.  This creamy porridge accompanied with freshly cut Julienne vegetables.

Enzyme Hand Wash

Short of serving staff is the only setback in Sushi Kitchen.  I been there 3 times recently and served by only ONE same staff.  She greets guest, sits guest, attends to phone call, takes order, prepares drink, places and serves order, cashiering, clear and set table... and she is cool!
I strongly recommend Sushi Kitchen to all, regardless of vegetarian or non-vegetarian friends.  This is a new-age fusion environmental friendly eating place.  It is not only serving and promoting vegan food but how to live well to improve and save our environment for us and our future generation.  You should come to explore this hidden treasure!   

Please call for reservation (to avoid long waiting):
6 04 - 644 6739 (close on Tues)
Biz Hrs:  11.30 am – 2.30 pm & 6.00 pm – 10.00 pm