Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stewed Sweet Tapioca Root

 My husband woke up early on Sunday morning and went jogging with my daughter. On his way home,  he went to the morning market to get some ingredients for spaghetti sauce for lunch. While walking in the market, he spotted a small stall selling fruits and tapioca root and he immediately bought some tapioca root home. Tapioca was his favourite since young.  
During our childhood days, rural folks will just grow some tapioca in the backyard and use tapioca to make nyonya cake (tapioca cake) or simply steamed and eat with castard sugar or freshly grated coconut. It is usually serve at tea time and goes well with black coffee. 

Tapioca Root
Brown Sugar / Raw Sugar
Sea Salt
Coconut Milk / Double Cream (optional)
Pandan Leaf

1.  Peel off tapioca skin.  Clean and cut into pieces of desire size.
2.  In a stew pot, pour in water, pandan leaf and tapioca pieces.  Stew tapioca until soft.
3.  Add raw sugar, salt and lastly coconut milk or cream.
4.  Serve hot or cold as afternoon tea break snack.

Points I followed:
-  Try to get young tapioca root, which has less hard root fibre.
-  Must stew until tapioca is soft before sugar is added.
-  Small amount of salt really enhance and balance the sweet creamy taste.